Artist Statement

My Practice is concerned with using spacial tension and the materiality of paint to describe an image or scene through the use of line, texture and colour. I take photographs of moving images, mainly from film and documentaries that deal with conflict; these images are used to create a collage that act as a start point for my work. The initial image influences the space and form within the painting; through this process tension, conflict and entanglement develop. I am interested in how painting has evolved through history; my initial engagement with traditional paintings has influenced my use of colour and composition and continues to inspire my work. Understanding their place within my practice allows me to explore their use as both images and as part of a collage that initiate the process of creating a painting. The richness and depth of colour and their place historically, underpin and support the contemporary themes that are present in my practice. I am seduced by paint as a material, exploring the surface of my work is important to the outcome of the painting. Preparation is extremely important; the smooth surface, depth and layers of ground are essential to my process. The images develop through changes and decisions made during the process of transferring source material to canvas. The contrast to texture, colour and line are intended to create a way in to the painting. Part of the surface is densely filled with paint while thin washes of transparent colour lay over, through and beneath the painting. By revealing the ground my aim is to create space in the painting that contrasts to the areas where paint is heavily layered, the line and bleeding of paint are a way into the work allowing the viewer to engage.